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Javascript React Web Apps

Next Shopify Demo
Next JS, React, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL Shopify Ecommerce, Custom App

Jazz Cats Society
Medium sized React/Next crud app. Impressive backend dashboard with login.

Manchester City
React/Firebase crud app. Impressive backend dashboard with login.

React Next Spa App
Fullstack node react next/vercel ci/cd. Sql lite api.

Hokusai Tribute
Next/React Frontend application

React Landing Page
State of the art landing page as a react app.

Recipe Hunter
React Javascript framework. Pagination api example. Heroku deployment.

React Hooks
React Hooks

Google OAuth 2 Login. React Hooks, map & blogging application, image uploads to cloudinary.

React Cryptocurrency App
React/Javascript UI/UX cryptocurrency app.

React UX Themes
React FELA styling

The Book Associates
Javascript, React google books api project.

Developer Connect App
Node/React, json web token login, crud system

A medium size project. Developers may add their profile there.