Selected sites/apps

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UX/UI Coding, Graphics and Databases

Node Framework
Keystone JS framework, Mongoose ODM, Pug templates.

Web Design/Development
My online business official site

Dernier Cri Web Solutions
Updated 2019 with materialize.css

Recipe Hunter
React Javascript framework. Pagination api example. Heroku deployment.

React Hooks
React Hooks

Google OAuth 2 Login. React Hooks, map & blogging application, image uploads to cloudinary.

World Foods
Headless CMS, React

Shopping cart demo. Strapi CMS with React UI/UX Gestalt components.

Chat App
Real time chat app

Lots of REACT UX features here, including theme changing and component loaders. Feel free to register and try it out.

React Cryptocurrency App
React/Javascript UI/UX cryptocurrency app.

React UX Themes
React FELA styling

The Book Associates
Javascript, React google books api project.

Developer Connect App
Node/React, json web token login, crud system

A medium size project. Developers may add their profile there.

React Weather App
Node/React Weather API click on images to open.

React Youtube Search App
Uses React & Youtube google API

React Quiz
A fun project to entertain friends and family

MERN framework and json data.

Alan Blueheart (my stage name)
Jazz Artiste - guitar/vocalist

VUE cli frontend with wordpress blog

Guitar Technique App
Back issues of GT Magazine from 2010 to 2020

Built with LARAVEL/MYSQL and Bootstrap 4.

Jazz Blog App
Built with Laravel - dual admin/user login functionality.