Python Fullstack Web Application Development

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Python, Django, Rest Apis & Fullstack

Python fastapi with JWT Oauth authorisation.

Todo App
Fullstack python. Jina2 templates and bootstrap frontend. FASTAPI on the back served by unicorn. Guest login given. All crud functionality accessible to me.Deployed to heroku.

Weather App
This is a fully functional and useful weather app I've coded using the python django framework, bootstrap for the dynamic frontend, and a freely available third party UK weather rest api. Three hours daily and a brief 7 day forecast. Deployed to heroku.

Python GraphQL Demo
Coded in python with a number of pip packages. All mutations secured by access control and a login. Vercel deployment.

World Snooker Rest Api
This is great for quick rest api development. Coded with python and the django framework. Admin area to add further rankings.

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